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We offer quality products to our customers, with competitive prices, which helps reduce their operating costs, in addition to helping the performance of the machinery through the use of our products.

Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel

It is a clean-burning diesel containing 97% less sulfur than Low Sulfur Diesel (LSD). ULSD was developed to improve the performance of pollution control devices for diesel but that can be damaged by sulfur. It is also safe to use this fuel in diesel vehicles older models.


It is a mixture of hydrocarbons obtained from petroleum by fractional distillation, which is used as fuel in internal combustion engines with ignition by conventional spark or compression (DiesOtto), as well as heaters, lamps, solvent cleaning and other applications.


An antifreeze is an additive which lowers the freezing point of a water-based liquid. An antifreeze mixture is used to achieve freezing-point depression for cold environments. Common antifreezes increase the boiling point of the liquid, allowing higher coolant temperature.

Basic Oil Grade 70 and 100

The basic oils are classified by the API into five groups according to their purity or characteristics. These oils form the basis add additives that make them suitable for different uses.

Gasoline Additives

Gasoline additives are compounds formulated to improve the quality and efficiency of fuel or oil and therefore benefit the engine and its components. Our gasoline additives are good quality european products.

Heavy Fuel Oil

Residual product derived from atmospheric distillation and vacuum distillation of crude oil. It is composed of molecules with more than 20 carbon atoms, black substance, viscous color, oil smell (hot asphalt) and insoluble in water.

Diesel D6

It is the most common, the term "Bunker Fuel" is used as a synonym for fuel oil Number 6, it is also called Furnace Fuel Oil (FFO); due to its high viscosity they require heating, usually achieved by means of a continuous circulation low vapor pressure system before the fuel is pumped out from the fuel tank bunker.


It is the fuel used in turbine jet engines in civil aviation. It is kerosene distilled from crude oil, which is the raw material of the refining industry.

Its main function is to supply power to the airplane; the key parameters are its energy content and combustion quality.